Chaparral: Overview

Chaparral is a shrub found in the desert regions of southwestern United States and Mexico.


Chaparral was used by Native American populations for indications including chicken pox (varicella), colds, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, pain, rheumatic diseases, skin disorders, snake bites, and as an emetic.  Chaparral tea was also used for purported effects of removing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) residue and thereby preventing recurrent hallucinations.  Chaparral leaves have also been used externally for bruises, scratches, wounds, and hair growth.

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Chaparral can help with the following:


Chaparral often helps with Athletes Foot Athletes Foot

An effective herbal remedy uses chaparral.  Mix six tablespoons of dried chaparral to one quart of boiling cheap whiskey or wine; reduce and simmer for 20 minutes; remove and steep for 8 hours.  DO NOT use aluminum cookware! Soak your feet in this solution.


Moderately useful: often helps with
Moderately useful:
often helps with